Benefits of Peer Support

I have been living with severe bipolar I disorder with psychosis and extended periods of suicidal depression for 20 years. After struggling for many years, I am now happily living in recovery.

I know what it takes to overcome the many challenges to reach recovery. I can help you and/or your loved one on the recovery journey with:

Fostering & Sustaining Hope

Regaining Self-Respect & Self-Esteem

Moving Past Shame & Stigma

Overcoming Withdrawal & Isolation

Countering Reluctance To Seek Help

Understanding & Accepting a Diagnosis

Understanding & Coordinating Treatment

Knowing What Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Addressing Treatment Non-Compilance

Talking About Difficult Topics

Working As A Family Unit

Building & Managing Personal Relationships

Dealing With Relapses & Hospitalizations

Developing & Practicing Self-Care Skills

Transitioning Back To Work Or School

Achieving & Maintaining Wellness

I can help create an environment where recovery can grow and flourish.

I have Lived Experience Expertise in Bipolar I and II, Psychosis, Depression and Major Depression.

My coaching can be an excellent complement to therapy and/or medical care by incorporating person-centered, recovery-oriented mentorship.

Stigma says you'll never get better

A peer in recovery says you can

They turn stigma into hope

And hope into recovery

They've been there, they understand

They'll help you make the impossible, possible